The importance of Exchange Team selection in Puget Sound

Picking Teams 1

How to win in the Real Estate Disposition Game

Can you remember being in grade school in the playground getting ready to pick teams for the game everyone wanted to play? Everyone would line up and signal and maybe even scream “pick me”. Under some stress, the two chosen captains usually strategically selected their team-mates who would best position them for a win.

If you were ever a team captain, you likely did not randomly pick kids to be on your team. You selected your team very carefully. You analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each player before coming to the decision hopefully a decision that would bring you victory! In the Oh So important game.

Picking Teams 2

In the investment Real Estate game selection of your team is even more important. Choosing a company to do real estate business with is a lot like picking the team out in the playground. The same strategies are in play in your thought process and you sincerely need to be cautious; since in this world there is a lot of players & very serious new player that has got to be dealt with – the tax man.Tax Man He’s very serious about wanting to be paid for having allowed you to score some points. ( i.e. build some equity which clearly is not spendable cash) However, you can and may need or at least want to defer paying him currently; especially if you can structure a tax deferred transaction that is right for you. A 1031 tax deferred exchange or an exchange of your real estate for a position in another asset or amalgamation that will “loan” you money may be a good solution for you.

Ultimately, this new player will get paid, since death & taxes cannot be avoided. You may however, defer both, if you own multi-family or retail investment property in the Pacific Northwest, Washington, Oregon or Idaho and are interested in evaluating your investment position please phone Jim Gorman4 at 253-853-1408 or email to chat about our preparing at no obligation or cost to you a market profile on your property or scheduling an appointment.

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