Surviving after Fees & Taxes in the new economy

Decision Making

Sale or Exchange of Property in the Puget Sound Area

It never was easy to acquire income rental properties that good people and companies will lease or rent from you.  If you have done this, and your current aspirations are to sell or exchange your property, “please” do contact us.  We are interested in acquiring small to medium size multi-family properties in the NorthwestPreferably in the South Sound area of Washington.

Property Management acquisition, negotiations and disposition, when it is the appropriate time, needs to be evaluated rationally and not to emotionally. Gorman456 can guide you by providing you with expertise in Real Estate dispositions, acquisitions, transaction management, valuations and property performance matters. If you are or may be considering selling your income property, it could be in your best interests to chat with us, before making any RE Agent commitments or electing to sell on your own.

We are not a real estate service organization, except for offering, on a selected basis, outside Property Management services periodically and on a hyper-selective basis.  We are rather, an Income Property acquisition & amalgamation enterprise, interested in doing RE business.

If fees and taxes are causing you to anguish on making a RE disposition decision, we may have unique and mutually beneficial options for your consideration.  We’d also enjoy explaining why “Standard, Traditional & Best Practice’s” may not work well for you in our “fees & taxes economy”.

Please feel free to contact us with regards to Property Management acquisition, negotiations and disposition, especially:

If you currently own multifamily property in the Puget Sound area and are considering selling or exchanging property please do not hesitate to contact JimGorman456 by email, phone at Cell (253) 853-1408 or, the reply function below, for a no obligation discussion of your opportunities.