Exchange with Gorman 456

WordPress Equity Loss GraphOn a selective basis in the Pacific Northwest; Gorman456 offers property owners interested in getting their equity out of   income producing retail or multifamily properties (2) two options.

Option #1 is a relatively standard purchase and sale deal, either with or without an owner’s real estate agent being involved . After sale dependent on your federal tax status you may be shock at the bite fees & taxes take from your sale amount.

Option #2 is a exchange of the property into Gorman456 LLC  which can prove advantageous to owners interested in avoidance of taxes & fees that can leave an owner that follows the traditional or standard realtor assisted owner sale path with about 60% of the final sale amount.

Gorman456 encourages that you evaluate or discuss with a qualified tax attorney or CPA the taxes & fees problems might be facing in a property sale. On a property that we are interested amalgamating in to Gorman456; on a confidential basis, we will estimate for you the taxes & fees your exposed to; and may offer you an very advantageous business opportunity.